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When you decide it’s time to install gutter protection from leaves, you want to hire a good contractor whom you can trust. Not only do you want the best gutter and gutter guard system but you also want it installed properly so it works as it should for years to come. So, how do you go about choosing the right gutter installer?

Experience and Reputation

You want only an experienced installer, but how do you know they are experienced? One way is to look into the company’s reputation by checking review sites online. Most reputable review sites, like Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Facebook, tell you when a review was left. Lastly, you can check your state business incorporation site to find when a company filed a business license.

As you read the reviews to determine reputation. Look to see how their overall review status is. Both good and bad. Does the company seem to respond when needed? It’s important to know if a company makes a mistake, whether they own up to it and make it right. Also, look at the text of the reviews, not just the number of stars. A more detailed review may let you know how long they’ve been installing gutter and gutter covers in addition to their other services.

Request quotes but always be careful on going with the cheapest company. Review their proposal. Is it on scratch paper or is it a detailed quote describing what they are going to do? There are several ways to cut corners in the gutter business and often times the cheaper companies are just trying to make enough to get by and most likely won’t show back up if there is ever a problem. Any business that tells you that there will never be a problem is lying or hasn’t been in business long. It’s important to hire someone who understands this and plans for potential service repairs after the install. Another problem that can happen with the cheaper companies, is that often times don’t pay their materials bills. Which will result in a heft lien on your home. Leaving you stuck with either paying the lien or suing the company. Many times this happens more than a year after the work was done and you might not even remember who did the work. Especially if they didn’t provide an easy-to-read quote. Emailed quotes are best because you will also have them. These cheaper companies don’t have state-required insurances and if an employee gets hurt on your property. That leaves you responsible. So be sure that when making a hiring decision you base it off more than just the price. Remember that you always get what you pay for. If the price seems too good to be true. Then it probably is.

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