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Residential and Commercial Aluminum Gutter Installation

Aluminum gutters are one of the most popular materials for homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma City, OK. At Mr Gutter, we offer custom installation of these products to ensure your property is protected from heavy rain and melting snow. We are a locally operated family-owned business dedicated to providing customers with gutter solutions that add style while functional. If left uncontrolled, water running off of roofs can damage the landscape below, cause foundations to crack and chip, and end up running behind the siding. Contact our team today for a free estimate for aluminum gutter installation or replacement.

Benefits & Colors of Aluminum Gutters

Benefits of Choosing Aluminum Gutters

Gutters are available in many different materials, colors, sizes, and styles. You may not realize this when walking around a home improvement store because their selection is so limited. As gutter installation and repair specialists, we supply and install custom aluminum gutters for homes and businesses to meet the specifications and budget of each customer. Aluminum is one of the most popular choices for residential and smaller-size commercial situations for many good reasons. Benefits of this product include:

  • It offers incredible durability at an affordable price
  • It withstands snow and hail very well
  • Aluminum is resistant to thinning
  • The life expectancy is about 20 years
  • It is available for seamless gutters
  • Aluminum doesn’t rust
  • Leaf guards can be easily installed on it

Installation of Gutters & Downspouts

1. From Coil to Seamless Gutter

A seamless gutter starts out as a flat sheet of aluminum that is rolled up into a coil. It is then loaded onto a cradle and fed into a machine. The machine then begins a roll forming process and extrudes out the gutter, which now creates what you see as seamless gutters.

2. Hangers and Straps

Our installation process includes additional steps that many other companies don't use. We install special hangers that are added every 2.5 feet of the gutter. Additionally, on every other hanger, we install a custom strap that ties into the hanger and goes under the shingle, and ties into the roof deck. By adding this extra step, the gutter gets more support and strength. Imagine the golden gate bridge and how all those cables hold up the bridge. Straps are an additional anchor point for the gutters, adding extra durability that stands up to high winds and ice storms.

3. Connect to the Fascia

We run a 1.5" screw through the back of each hanger and into the fascia board securing the gutter to your home. We always install on the 1x2 when available, ensuring that the gutter is as close to the roof edge as possible. This prevents water from leaking behind your gutter and rotting out the wood. Although it's harder to install this way, quality gutter installation is our priority and what makes us stand out from the rest. Each section is pitched/planned so that rainwater is properly directed towards each downspout.

4. Downspouts

Every downspout is thought out and placed to ensure the best drainage possible. We use 12 zip screws per downspout ensuring that it stays together and never fails. Every downspout receives an outlet from the gutter ensuring no leaks.

5. All Sealed Up

We use a special gutter caulking on every corner, end cap, and outlet. This non-hardening sealant ensures that your gutter doesn't leak and allows for the expansion of corners during high heat days.

Gutter Profiles

K Style
K Style

Standard Style-90% Of Homes
Highest Savings
Second Highest in Capacity per Foot
​Durable Design


Newest Available Style
Commercial Grade
Middle of Road Pricing
Modern Look
Most Durable Design
Highest Capacity per Foot

Half Round
Half Round

Historic Style
Most Often Seen on Older Homes
Highest Cost to Install
​Least Durable Design
Least Capacity per Foot

Call the Pros at Mr Gutter for a Free Estimate

If you need gutters installed or replaced, aluminum is a durable, reliable, and affordable option that provides exactly what most homeowners need. Mr. Gutter in Oklahoma City offers custom gutter work that matches perfectly with your home and will offer years of worry-free rainwater protection. Contact us for a free estimate and ask about our financing options to help make your home improvement project more affordable. We don’t ask for any money before the job starts and don’t require full payment until after the work is complete to ensure you are delighted with our work.


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